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Full Insight Leadership Series: Part 1-3 (Feb-Apr, 2021)

STARS Credits: 18

Full Insight Leadership Series 

This is a 3 part leadership series. This registration allows you to join for all three parts of the series. Join us to deeply explore and practice embodying all aspects of leadership.

Joining for all 3 parts, or specific ones? 

We recommend that you join for all 3 parts of the series. However, the parts can also be taken independently.

  • Register at the links above to select the parts you would like to join.
  • OR register on this page for all 3 parts to receive the discounted rate of $120 (Value of $150).


    In the past 9 months our lives have shifted dramatically. Our world has changed; the way we work has changed.  Given the breadth of our current global crises and the known and unknown challenges we will face, it will be critical for leaders at every level to rise to the occasion. Harvard professor, Hubert Joly, observed it best when he said:  “How companies and leaders approach…this crisis and treat all their stakeholders — starting with their employees and the whole range of their human needs — will be real “moments that matter” for their employees, contributing to the level of attachment (or not) the employees will have to the company in the future and to the ability of the company to thrive coming out of the crisis.”  To support leadership at every level during this unprecedented time, we are excited to introduce a leadership program designed to help leaders discover the strengths, resources, and insights they will need to meet the challenges ahead. The three-part Insight Series includes nine, interactive virtual workshops focused on a new way of leadership in a post-COVID world. We hope you can join us. 


    1. In the Leader as Student workshops, we will explore the power of continuous learning, curiosity, and growth mindset as well as how to learn from others through listening deeply. Together, we will search for insights about the inner strengths and resources we all have that will help us face the unknown challenges ahead. 
    2. In theLeader as Facilitatorworkshops, we will explore how leaders can increase productivity and make work easier and better by building relationships and nurturing an environment of mutual trust, respect, psychological safety, and agility.  
    3. In theLeader as Creator workshops, we will explore the values that drive you as a leader, how to create alignment between your values and vision and those of your team, the importance of a compelling vision for the future that drives what we do today, and how to sustain that vision and shared sense of purpose during tumultuous times.     

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