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YPQI Participant Information

Quick Links

  1. Find my YPQI Information: Look up your coach's contact info, cohort, and YPQI project manager at SOWA.
  2. Washington State Quality Standards
  3. YPQI Cohort Calendars: Look up all of the events you will be attending this school year. You need to know your cohort number, which you can look up here.
  4. Take It Back Resources
  5. Register for other School’s Out Washington trainings
  6. Schedule your External Assessment
  7. Scores Reporter

About the Quality Improvement Process

The Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) is a continuous process: ASSESS—PLAN—IMPROVE. The YPQI helps programs meet the Washington State Quality Standards for Afterschool and Youth Development Programs. Keep reading for an overview of these phases, important links, and resources for your whole experience. Even more info can be found in your Program Quality Assessment Handbook.

If you have any questions, check contact your coach or SOWA primary contact! If you don't know who that is, you can find that out here.

Step 1: Assess

First you’ll meet your coach and get acquainted with program quality. Next, you and an External Assessor from SOWA observe your program to see how you’re doing using the YPQI tool. Most likely you’ll identify tons of stuff you’re already doing well!

  1. Check this page to find your coach, Cohort, and other important info.
  2. Attend Kick-Off and a PQA Basics training, which you can find on your YPQI Cohort Calendar.
  3. Lead a Take it Back session for your staff.
  4. Schedule your External Assessments and complete your Self-Assessment. You should get an email from Jarrod Hamerly at jhamerly@schoolsoutwashington.org when it is time to schedule an external assessment.
  5. Hold a Scoring Meeting with your team.
  6. Enter your info into the Scores Reporter website. If you don’t know your login information, contact Jarrod Hamerly at jhamerly@schoolsoutwashington.org.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have assessed your program, you choose what you want to work on. In this stage, you will work with your coach to create goals that are meaningful to you and your team.

  1. Register for Planning with Data training, which you can find on your YPQI Cohort Calendar.
  2. Create an Action Plan (downlod pdf) with your team and coach.
  3. Enter your goals into Scores Reporter.

Step 3: Improve

When you’ve decided what to work on this cycle, SOWA will provide trainings and other resources to get you on your way to your goals!

  1. Attend Learning Community Meetings (which you can find on your YPQI Cohort Calendar) with your fellow cohort members.
  2. Sign up for Methods Workshops or setup training with your coach based on your Action Plan.
  3. Put everything you’ve learned into action and get ready for the next assessment cycle!