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Starting Again: Stories of Refugee Youth

With funding from the Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG), School’s Out Washington partnered with documentary filmmaker Jill Freidberg of Corrugated Films to produce a film chronicling the lives of refugee youth in Washington State. The film highlights four youth from Burma, Bhutan, Russia, and Somalia.

About the video

In his/her own voice, each youth shares stories, experiences, struggles and successes about life before and after resettling in the United States.  The youth speak candidly about the situations that brought their families here, their initial resettlement experience, and ongoing challenges as their families adjust to life in the United States.  They also discuss their hopes and their excitement about opportunities that have been presented to them.  Youth were filmed at school, home, afterschool activities and community events.  Youth also contributed footage that they filmed themselves.

Viewers will walk away with greater insight and appreciation for what it takes to adjust to life here in the United States.  We hope that those who work with and interact with refugee youth and families will be reminded of some of the challenges that refugees are trying to overcome, as well as the amazing resiliency and strengths that they bring with them.  We also hope that this film will inspire deeper conversations about collaborative strategies for supporting refugee students and families as they “start again.”


As you view and share this film, we'd love to hear from you.  Please email Pang Chang to let us know how you are using the film and to provide comments and feedback about the film.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the film, please contact Pang as well.