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Civics Learning

Our nation thrives on educated, informed, and active citizens and residents. However, data consistently shows young people are not prepared with the civic knowledge needed for life beyond high school. High-quality civics education for all young people is crucial in equipping youth with the knowledge necessary for meaningful and effective community engagement, and to bridge a connection between learning in the classroom to real life.

Civics & Expanded Learning Opportunities

Expanded learning opportunities reach children and youth in all corners of our state, providing a range of opportunities for youth to thrive and reach their full potential. ELO programs by their design have the flexibility to engage young people in hands-on, experiential learning.

Quality programs complement and enhance learning happening during the school day and provide opportunities for youth leadership and engagement, integral parts of civics learning.

In Washington State, the Civics Learning Initiative was created to address gaps in civic learning and determine how the state can be more effective in providing meaningful civics learning for all Washington youth both in and out of school.  School's Out Washington serves as one of the initiative sponsors, along with other partners representing public and private institutions. 

You can learn more about Civics Learning and SOWA's role in supporting inclusion of expanded learning opportunities in efforts to promote civics learning in Washington in our Issue Brief (PDF).


For questions on our Civics Learning efforts, please contact David Beard at dbeard@schoolsoutwashington.org.