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Yes, you only need 20 hours!

by School's Out Washington | | Posted under Policy & Legislation

Lost and Confused SignpostMy oh my, has this been confusing! We have had many providers contact us because they are confused about whether or not their directors and lead teachers need to take 20 or 30 hours of initial training.

DEL has confirmed that School-Age only sites’ staff are required to do 20 hours of basic training. The licensors have received an email from the head of licensing to clarify the issue because both program staff and licensors have differing understandings. As long as your school-age teachers are only interacting with school-age youth, then they only need 20 hours of initial training. There is currently no school-age 30 hour curriculum.

Keep an eye on our workshop calendar for the in-person MERIT approved School-Age Initial Training Requirement or contact Glen Osborn (gosborn [at] schoolsoutwashington.org) for an onsite 20 (or 30 for those working with early learning and school-age) hour training.

Our Online School-Age Initial Training Requirement is also listed in STARS/MERIT and facilitated by an approved STARS/MERIT trainer and fulfills the 20 credits required.

If you have questions regarding licensing requirements, please contact MERIT Support Services or call toll free: 1.866.482.4325 .

What about this email I received from DEL entitled “Proposed rules filed re 30 hours STARS training in school age rules”?

This email if referring to the opportunity to give public comment on a change to the Washington Administrative Code (WACs). DEL has proposed to take out “20 hours” to allow for the possibility of a 30 hour training requirement in the future.

THIS DOES NOT require Directors or Lead Teachers to take 30 hours of initial training. It is only a request for public comment.

I want to comment!

We recommend the following for the School-Age field public comment:

  1. Please clarify on the Department of Early Learning(DEL) website and with all DEL licensers that any new staff who are required to take a STARS Basics course and working with school-age children only are required to take the initial BASIC training which currently is 20 hours in duration.
  2. Support the removal of a designated number of hours within this WAC to allow for greater flexibility in the future as it relates to BASIC training requirements.
  3. Encourage DEL to designate additional resources to develop an appropriate BASIC training curriculum that is current and relevant to the age group served.

You can submit your public comment:

In person: Attend a public hearing (PDF link).

Online: DEL Rules Comment webpage. Click “Add Comment” to give your input, or “View Comments” to read what others have said.

By Email: rules@del.wa.gov

By Postal mail:

DEL Rules Coordinator
Washington State Department of Early Learning
P.O. Box 40970
Olympia, WA 98504-0970

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