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What sequestration means for afterschool

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‘Sequestration’ – an across-the-board set of budget cuts totaling $1.2 trillion from defense and non-defense spending over the course of the next ten years’. – CBS News

As leaders in Washington continue to face gridlock and disagreement regarding the budget, the reality of the sequestration is hitting home.  If a budget is not agreed upon by tomorrow, afterschool programs supported by 21st Century Community Learning will feel the impact.

The Afterschool Alliance has put together a chart that shows by state how much would be distributed under the FY 2013 budget with the number of kids served and what the estimated cut due to sequestration would mean in hard numbers.

In Washington State, the FY 2013 budget would include $16,504,291 for the 21st CCLC program serving 16,504 children and youth in programs. The estimated cuts from sequestration would be -5.1% decreasing the allocation to $15,662,572 serving 15,663 meaning 842 fewer kids served.  The 21st CCLC program is already not funded at the authorized level so serving even fewer kids would be even more detrimental to the program.

Check out the chart for more information.

And visit the Afterschool Alliance website for federal policy news and updates.

UPDATE 3/5: Afterschool Alliance blog post about sequester and afterschool goes beyond CCLC.

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