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We’ve Grown! Meet our Newest Team Members

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School’s Out Washington is growing! Over the past several months, we have expanded not only in the number of staff working to support quality expanded learning opportunities, but our reach across Washington State with three team members now based in Pierce County and two new staff based in Spokane.

Statewide Expansion

Joining our Tacoma office: Lynda Llavore (left) and John Tibbetts (right)

We launched our Pierce County office last spring with Holy Chea joining our team as Pierce County Program Quality Manager. Joining Holy in Pierce County is Lynda Llavore, Pierce County YPQ Coach, and John Tibbets, Pierce County YPQ Coach Coordinator.

Our new Spokane team: Benjamin Baird (left) and Maria Johnson (right)

In Spokane, we are thrilled to announce our new team members Benjamin Baird, Spokane County Program Quality Manager, and Maria Johnson, Spokane County. Thanks to our strong partnership, Benjamin and Maria will be housed in the Spokane County United Way office. Take a moment to read more about School’s Out Washington’s exciting new expansion to Eastern Washington.

With teams of staff based in Pierce and Spokane counties, we are increasing our on the ground supports to programs in these regions. This means increased training offerings and engagement of programs in continuous quality improvement efforts, and outreach to bring more programs and partners into our network to advance equitable access to quality programs for more children and youth across the state.

Porter Eichenlaub, Social Emotional Learning Program Manager

Lastly, Porter Eichenlaub, SOWA’s first Social Emotional Learning Program Manager will be leading work focused on implementing quality supports focused on social emotional skill development and best practices in partnership with programs across the state.

King County Expansion

New Seattle-area coaches, Jeff Chandler(left) and M'Liss Dewald (right)

This month, we’re also welcoming two new King County coaches, M’Liss DeWald and Jeff Chandler, who will support expanded learning opportunities with implementing quality practices.

Leah Bui, Housing Education Project Manager

We’re also thrilled to launch a new project in partnership with the Housing Development Consortium in King County to support quality expanded learning opportunities in King County’s housing communities. Leah Bui, who some of you may recognize from her past work at SOWA, will lead this effort as our Housing Education Project Manager.

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