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We have a new look!

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Today, we are truly excited to share with all of you the next step in our organizational journey.

Strengthening Programs. Empowering Youth.

Strengthening Programs. Empowering Youth.

Thanks to a positive partnership with local branding and design firm, United Creations, we have a new logo, messaging and identity system that bring the focus and energy we had long been seeking to better communicate what we stand for. As a “creative change agency” inspired by our commitment to making a positive impact on Washington’s children and youth, United Creations provided their services on a pro-bono basis after selecting SOWA as the winner of their THIS BRAND IS YOUR BRAND contest. Receiving $30,000 worth of donated brand power has enabled us to apply 100% of our resources toward expanding access to high-quality afterschool and youth development programs.

Over the past few years, School’s Out Washington (SOWA) has undergone many organizational transitions, becoming a stand-alone non-profit organization and forming our first governing Board of Directors. With nearly three decades of active leadership in providing a rich foundation of quality standards, professional development, advocacy and support to bring empowering learning opportunities within reach of every young person, the time was ripe to launch on this new path.

SOWA may be referred to as an “intermediary,” but we truly see ourselves as a “bridge” that connects schools, government agencies and the public with the afterschool youth development field to create greater impact on the lives of more young people. Guided by the core values of quality, equity, connection and innovation, the SOWA mission is to foster productive partnerships that create inspiring opportunities for Washington’s youth to learn, grow and thrive, because what’s good for our youth is good for our future.

SOWA continues with our mission-focused work to:

What happens after school has a tremendous impact on what happens during school. It is one of our best early opportunities to identify and nurture unique talents and interests that can open the door to productive, prosperous lives. As we launch a new SOWA brand, we celebrate all our collective efforts to support children and youth across Washington State and look forward to many more years of continuing to build and strengthen our field to continue working toward our vision of a state where all kids have opportunities to reach their full potential.

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