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Understanding Refugee Mental Health

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Amina BookAs part of National Prevention Week, School’s Out Washington teamed up with Beth Farmer of International Counseling and Community Services to open a dialogue at the Understanding Refugee Mental Health event. The night began with a dinner showing of the Refugee School Impact funded film, Starting Again: Stories of Refugee Youth, which chronicles the lives of four refugee students who have restarted their lives within King County (pictured here).

IrinaFollowing the film, guided by Beth Farmer, 50 community members across various sectors joined in a discussion of the diverse needs and methods of treatment within refugee communities. The key topic that provided an enlightening discussion was the need for mental health professionals to deconstruct western viewpoints of treatment and acknowledge the cultural nuances, stigma, and protective factors that come with the refugee experience. Through hearing the viewpoints of one another, we are contributing to the long-term health of our communities.

Click here to view the film, Starting Again: Stories of Refugee Youth.


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