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Today We Celebrate National Summer Learning Day

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Hundreds of communities across the country will be celebrating the importance of summer learning today as part of National Summer Learning Day.  While we know that a great need exists for more quality summer learning opportunities, this day of awareness sets aside time to acknowledge and celebrate the great work being done in many communities across the state.

In the community of Buena in the Yakima Valley, the local library provides a summer literacy program with support from School’s Out Washington’s Feed Your Brain grant. Buena is a rural, isolated town with a high migrant and agricultural community. The summer program serves all Latino children of farmworkers. This program is important not only to continue supporting the children’s learning during the summer months, but also to provide a safe, enriching space during the day while their parents work long hours in the fields. Enjoy this slideshow of images we took at their program last summer.

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Check out this great news story highlighting the Buena program.   And another news story out of Spokane with School’s Out Washington’s own Janet Schmidt speaking to the importance of summer learning in closing the opportunity gap.

Programs such as in Buena help to curb summer learning loss. Research tells us that the cumulative impact of summer learning loss is the single greatest contributor to the achievement gap for 9th graders between low and middle to high income youth– a time when we see higher rates of school drop-out. Access to high-quality summer programs is a critical piece of ensuring that investments made in education are maintained over the course of a child’s school experience.

With June 21st as National Summer Learning Day, we need to keep in mind the role that summer learning plays in closing the achievement gap and protecting Washington’s investments.  Keeping all Washington’s children on track during the summer will provide opportunities that allow them to achieve and graduate career and college ready.

For more information and resources on summer learning, visit School’s Out Washington’s Summer Learning Resources page.

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