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The smallest towns in Washington

by Behnosh Najafi | | Posted under School's Out News

Krupp is the smallest town in Washington with 52 people living within 0.6 square miles. About 15 children and youth lived in Krupp in 2000.  It’s about equidistant between Wenatchee and Spokane. As it appears from a quick Google search, there aren’t any schools there or anything else, really. What do kids do there in the summer? Are they able to access healthy meals?

It’s the time of year at School’s Out where we’re all concerned about our young people in rural areas and how they’ll fair during the summer months. We’re about 45% to our goal with the Feed Your Brain fundraiser to support summer learning and meal programs in the isolated parts of our state like Krupp.

Research conducted by the National Summer Learning Association demonstrates that summer learning loss is real and contributing to the growing achievement gap between low-income youth and their middle to higher-income peers.  While students learn at the same rate in the early elementary years, the learning gap grows each year during the summer months and by fifth grade, lower income youth fall more than two and one-half years behind their more affluent peers.

Aside from the impact of summer learning loss, we believe that all young people deserve the opportunity to engage in fun activities during the summer months that create lasting memories.  Feed Your Brain programs provide opportunities for youth to go on field trips, to the local swimming pool and other outdoor adventures that keep kids healthy and engaged. 

In addition to learning and fun, Feed Your Brain helps keep kids in rural areas of our state nourished and fed during the summer months.  A new analysis by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) finds that food hardship is as prevalent in the mostly rural districts of members of the House Agriculture Committee as it is in the rest of the nation.  With the current economy, budget cuts, companies shutting down and agricultural taking a hit, many families in rural areas are struggling to meet basic needs.  Summer meal programs help fight childhood hunger and are more critical than ever.

We are proud to offer towns smaller than 25,000 the opportunity to apply for Feed Your Brain grants, but we cannot fund all the programs that apply. We’re currently reviewing the applications for 2012 grants. With your help, we can make a difference for more kids across our state this summer.

Donate to our Feed Your Brain project and keep kids learning and healthy this summer.

2011 Funded Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County, Blaine Boistfort School District, Curtis
Deer Park School District, Deer Park Nespelem Elementary School, Nespelem
Northwest Community Action Center – Safe Haven Center, Toppenish Paterson School District, Paterson
Whitson Elementary School, White Salmon WSU Extension – Mason County, Shelton
*Children’s Home Society, College Park *Grand Coulee Dam School District, Coulee Dam
*ROOF Community Services, Rochester *Yakama Christian Mission, White Swan

*Youth and Family Link, Kelso










*The starred programs are part of our 3-year multi funding pilot project and are entering into their third year as part of this model.

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