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Summer Adventures Part 2

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By Virginia Eader, Grants and Organizational Specialist

With site visits complete, I am happy to say that this year’s Feed Your Brain programs were pretty outstanding. From Southwest to Northeast, hundreds of children and youth across the state participated in fun and engaging literacy activities this summer, while also recieving a free meal and snack every day. Here are a few photos from my last 3 site visits to  Buena, Walla Walla, and Curtis. What a fun Summer! (Click on a photo to view as a slideshow with captions.)

Children in the Feed Your Brain program spend  at least 1.5 hours per day reading and writing. Every Wednesday children get to compete in their own 2012 Summer Olympics. They divide into teams, choose a country to represent, and compete in various events. This is team Germany. Walla Walla 2012 Summer Olympics. The hay bail hand spring is much harder than it looks. The kids had a blast! Walla Walla Summer Olympics. The balancing beam. Lunch time. Over 80 young people get free lunch every day of the program. A friendly game of checkers. During free time each day, children can choose from a plethora of activties. Marbles, legos, and jump rope are also quite popular. So many books read! The big stickers represent 5 books. After reading IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN, students have the opportunity to write their own version of the story. One of my favorites! "IF YOU GIVE A DOG A CORNDOG.....HE MIGHT ASK YOU FOR SOME KETCHUP." Two girls enjoy the listening station at the new Buena Library, which opened 2 months ago after 10 years of community advocacy and fundraising. What a great literacy resource! After reading a book about story quilts, the children worked together to make their own. They took a lot of pride in this project. Lunchtime in Buena! Youth volunteers help serve about 50 free meals to kids each day. Students share their personal book reviews with the group. Most books get a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks to Page Ahead for donating the new books. The children LOVE them! "See all the books we read!" exclaimed one kindergartner. The younger children enjoyed learning about Washington State one letter at a time. The younger children enjoyed doing their very own apple taste test. Granny Smith won. Middleschoolers took pride in their culminating project: an interactive timeline of Washington State history.

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