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State Legislative Update: Budgets, Budgets, and more Budgets

by Stephanie Lennon | | Posted under Policy & Legislation

Both the Senate and the House have now released their proposed budgets, reflecting differing priorities and funding levels. While the Senate budget did not include the Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiative, we are thrilled that it was included in the House budget at $1.5 Million for the biennium (or $750,000 per year). While this is not the full amount requested, its inclusion reflects the impact of the hard work our advocacy partners have put forth during this complex legislative session.

Other items from our legislative agenda also were reflected, including Career Connected Learning and Computer Science for All asks, both of which are inclusive of expanded learning, making it into the House budget at $6 million and $4 million respectively thanks to our partners at Washington STEM. These priorities also were reflected in the Governor’s budget at $6 million each.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) bill, which allows for CTE dollars to be used afterschool and in the summer, appeared in both the Senate and House budgets, as well as the Governor’s budget.

The Capitol Budget was also released, and includes many opportunities for expanded learning providers. For more information on Capitol Funding and how it can be utilized, check out our new brief!

Our policy staff, coalition members, and partners will continue to work with elected officials in both the House and Senate as budget negotiations continue. You can support these efforts by writing to your elected officials about the importance of high-quality expanded learning!

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