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State Legislative Session Starts to Get Interesting

by School's Out Washington | | Posted under Policy & Legislation

The 2015 Washington State Legislative Session is past its half way point. Now that many bills have either died or are making their way through the legislative process, the budget will become the major focus. The House should be releasing its budget the week of March 23rd and the Senate shortly thereafter. Negotiations between the House, Senate, and Governor’s Office will then begin with the main debates focusing on how to fund education in light of the Supreme Court McCleary decision, the need for additional revenue, and/or what programs to cut if there is not enough revenue to balance the budget.

While most of the debate will focus on the regular school day, there are some pieces of legislation affecting ELOs at the state level:

Write your legislators now to let them know you support these bills. Action only happens when you raise your voice to be heard!

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