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Speaker Spotlights for 2019 Bridge!

by Clara Rosebrock | | Posted under Bridge Conference

This has been a whirlwind of a summer, and our Bridge team is anxiously awaiting to launch our lineup of amazing workshops for this year’s 2019 Bridge Conference — Looking Back, Facing Forward on October 28 & 29. 

While we finalize these last details of our schedule, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of our incredible speakers! Here are three sessions — with a lens on equity and social, and emotional learning — that we are very excited to have joining us this year.

Moments vs. Moments: How Culture Impacts Engagement and Sacrifice Impacts Change, from Rashad Norris, Director of Community Engagement at Highline, and founder of Highline College’s Black and Brown Male Summit.

Director of Community Engagement at Highline CollegePerceptions and assumptions of culture, race and history by the dominate narratives in textbooks and society can skew self-identification, self-love, and self-confidence. In this session, you will learn how historical knowledge that is unknown from many students affects building an authentic student-teacher relationship. Participants in workshop will discover the significance of engaging students’ through history, race, class and most importantly cultural identity. Rashad will be referencing interactions and conversations drawn from youth summits and student workshops that he has created and facilitated. Participants will leave with relevant models and promising practices that can improve inclusionary cultural responsiveness for students of color. Workshop will be interactive with actual student scenarios for discussion.

Self-Care is the New Healthcare, from Lyndsay Morris, educator, mindfulness leader, and founder of Generation Wellness.

Educator, mindfulness leader, and founder of Generation WellnessFeeling worn out, burned out, or checked out? Does the never-ending checklist of things to do have you feeling more like a human do-ing and less of a human be-ing? If this sounds familiar, we get it and we’re here to help!

In this uplifting and experiential workshop, participants will learn simple tools that re-energize and inspire showing up from a full tank, increasing happiness, and boosting productivity. Participants will:

Dismantling Oppression by Embracing Culture, from LaKesha Kimbrough, Middle School Success Coordinator at Washington Middle School for Seattle University.

LaKesha Kimbrough, Middle School Success Coordinator at Washington Middle SchoolCulture — ethnic/racial, familial, geographic, and more — is a powerful shaping agent in all our lives, especially those of our youth. It provides lenses through which we view self and the world around us. What exactly is culture? How does it shape the lives of youth? What happens when youth begin to embrace the various cultures to which they belong and that play such an integral role in forming their identity? Through presentation, shared learning/sharing out, activity, and personal reflection, participants in this workshop will gain and deepen skills in affirming young people’s cultures and intersectional identities by:

Participants will also leave the workshop with deeper knowledge and tools that they may use when working with youth in their communities and organizations.

Keep and eye out for more workshop descriptions and speaker spotlights!

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