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Please Welcome Franci Davila

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Joining our education policy and advocacy team is Master of Social Work Intern Franci Dávila. Take a moment to get to know her little better.

Where are you from?

Franci Davila

Franci Dávila

I was born and raised in Hartford, CT. Growing up, I experienced the public and private worlds of education, attending elementary and middle school in the inner city and then going to a private high school on the outskirts of that city. When in came time to choose a college, my fear of the unknown kept me close to home where I went to Trinity College, a liberal arts private institution. While there, I began working with an after school organization called, Organized Parents Make A Difference (OPMAD). OPMAD gave me my first taste of grassroots organizing that utilized and empowered the city’s constituents. Eventually my fear of the unknown evolved into a curiosity for it; so I followed an opportunity out in Kauai, where I worked with children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in their local school system and community. After experiencing the amazement of the beautiful Hawaiian culture, I was brought to Seattle where I am currently working on my masters at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work.

What do you like to do in your own time?

I have a passion for the classic sport of boxing. So whenever I hear about an exhibition, I have a blast going and rooting for the underdog. I also enjoy finding unique little boutiques where I can get lost amongst historical and bizarre trinkets of sorts. And when keeping it simple, drinking a sweet cup of coffee while indulging in a pleasure read can always pass the time easily.

What brought you to School’s Out Washington?

Over the years, I’ve worked in a variety of organizations that have provided afterschool services for children, especially in low-income neighborhoods. As a professional and an advocate, I’m constantly reminded of how critical it is to provide equitable services for children in order to give more youth a fighting chance. I have dedicated myself to working with and for children who will one day become the primary contributors of our communities. While attending University of Washington’s School of Social Work, I’ve been given the opportunity to intern with School’s Out Washington; and continue learning how to provide for the children of our communities on a regional level.

Tell us one thing that you are proud of.

I’m proud of the unity of my family. Through the years of struggle and growth, we have grown together. Our love and loyalty has been strengthened through our adversity; and regardless of the geographical distance or the external negativities, our love and loyalty has held true. I am proud of us as a unit.

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