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One World Now! Get Global Conference Coming April 25

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On April 25, 2015, OneWorld Now! is hosting their 10th Annual Get Global Conference for high school youth in Seattle. Student-planned and student-led, Get Global is designed to empower youth to take action on important global issues. Students will present dynamic workshops and inspiring speeches to foster meaningful and intentional dialogue about the intersection of social justice issues, global issues, and the role of youth. For more information, visit OneWorldNow.org.

At the heart of international education is the goal of meaningfully engaging students in global issues, a daunting task when faced with the competing interests on high school students’ minds: SATs, college applications, and who to ask to homecoming. For well over a decade, OneWorld Now! has used world languages, experiential leadership workshops, and study abroad to bring the world to Seattle high-school students, draw their attention to global issues, and inspire them to take action for positive change.

How you can engage youth in global issues

Connect with Peers Abroad

Online learning and social media have exponentially increased our ability to connect at a moment’s notice with people around the world. Building online peer-to-peer exchanges with schools and programs around the world is a sure way to peak youths’ interest in global issues.

Tie the Personal to the Global

While OneWorld Now! mentors students for the annual youth-led Get Global Conference, students are asked to consider “what matters to you and why” before settling on a workshop or speech topic. The most compelling workshops and youth speeches are delivered by students who deeply care and are somehow connected to the issue at hand.

Make it Experiential

Experiential learning has a powerful tie to developing empathy. In the context of global issues, the closer a student can be drawn into the reality of a current event, the more compelled they become to seek further understanding and options for action.

Cultivate a Sense of Interdependence

American youth need the support of Chinese youth, just as youth in China need the support of youth in the Middle East. Youth are more inclined to follow global issues and step up to act in favor of their peers around the world when they understand the interconnectedness of our globalized world.

As educators and youth workers, we want young people to establish the knowledge and skills necessary to act responsibly when dealing with complex international issues. Engaging them in global issues today is the first step towards mentoring our youth to become the global leaders of tomorrow.

For more information about the conference, contact Kirstin Rogers by email or at (206) 499-9636.

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