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New Youth-Run Radio Station!

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There’s a new all-youth run radio station in town! Boys & Girls Club Radio was created by youth at Boys & Girls Club Bainbridge Island for youth across the globe. It launched this past spring.

The youth at Boys & Girls Club Bainbridge Island were inspired by their love of listening to music while doing their homework every day or dancing in their lobby, but they grew tired of scratched CDs and local radio stations always playing a whole bunch of commercials, or worse still – songs they don’t know.
BG Club Radio
The solution? Make their own radio station and play all of their favorite songs!

Boys & Girls Club Radio is an internet radio station, available anywhere with an internet connection using the Tune In Radio website or mobile app 24 hours a day.

Liam McEvilly, Program Director at Boys & Girls Club Bainbridge Island, helped the kids in his program in Kindergarten through 4th grade develop and implement this vision for a radio station that goes beyond just their club.

Liam explains how he engaged kids in the whole process, “Eight year-old Ian won the logo designing contest.  Then we surveyed all of our friends and families to find out all of the best songs to add to our playlist. We also recorded some of our own commercials to play between songs too.”

He goes on to explain, “We are hoping that in the near future we can start broadcasting live directly from the club and recording some more professional sounding commercials with the awesome Finn at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting on the island. Older children at Boys & Girls Club should hopefully be recording podcasts with him soon, too. And we hope to track from where people are listening to us on a giant world map in our studio.”

The radio station isn’t just about music.  This project demonstrates how afterschool programs help foster passions, develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and creativity, and it’s an opportunity for youth in the program to learn about geography as they track where kids around the world are listening. So far, listeners in China, Australia, and Israel are tuned in to Boys & Girls Club Radio.

Liam also hopes to have more Boys & Girls Clubs contribute to the program beyond Bainbridge Island so that it truly becomes a station of the clubs across North America.

If you’re part of a Boys  & Girls Club program in Washington State, Boys & Girls Club Radio is looking for other programs to create commercials for the station.  You can connect to Liam McEvilly at lmcevilly@positiveplace.org, call (206)436-1862 or reach out via twitter @BGCRadio if you’re interested in getting involved and learning more.

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