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Meet SOWA’s new finance guru: Christina Hannan

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Christina Hannan

Christina Hannan

School’s Out has brought on a new Director of Finance and Operations, Christina Hannan. This is a newly created position at School’s Out and we are so pleased that Christina who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills will be joining our team.

We asked her a few questions so our community can get to know her!

Where are you from?

I like to think that I am from the West Coast of the United States. I was born on the Island of Oahu, attended preschool in Los Angeles, elementary school in Anchorage, middle and high school on Bainbridge, college in Oakland, and have worked professionally in Los Angeles, San Ramon & Danville (CA), Seattle, Kennewick, and Seattle again. I have learned that I draw energy from living so close to the ocean – the wealth of cultural diversity in the populations that live on the coast and the exposure to different ideas that the people migrating to these areas brings. Seattle is the epitome of this – I love the people, the culture, the environment, the geographical variety, and the general level of education.

What do you like to do in your own time?

I read a lot. I also enjoy racing aboard sail boats, hiking the local trails, and walking in my community.

What brought you to School’s Out Washington?

Education is a passion of mine. Starting in high school, I attended and participated in school board meetings and as I have gotten older, I have volunteered and worked in many education related roles. I was excited to see the finance & operations director role posted here because I believe that all kids in all communities should get the support they need to learn.

Tell us one thing that you are proud of.

I am proud of my friendships and relationships. My husband and I met over 30 years ago and I have many friends who live all over the world and have been my friend for more than 25 years. I care deeply about people and take the time to learn about and revel in their passions as well as lend sympathy and an ear in times of stress. I believe that it is my core value in all things “Other” that allows these people to lend me their loyalty and attention in return.

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