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Meet Janell Jordan, King County Program Quality Manager!

by School's Out Washington |

We're so excited to welcome Janell Jordan to our team! In their role as King County Program Quality Manager, Janell will help to increase the use of quality assessment and improvement processes and develop systems and tools to sustain quality improvement in King County. Get to know Janell better and learn more about what brought them to the SOWA team.

Where are you from?
I am a Washingtonian, born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Although my entire extended family is predominately on the east coast, so I have been back and forth most of my life. Also have spent some time in my early twenties living in LA, but apparently I like the air better here.

What do you like to do in your down time?
I like to do a lot of things, I also like to not do a lot of things in my free time, aka sleep because it is a luxury in my opinion. On any given day I drink a lot of tea, read (theory-based non-fiction and poetry… I know I am not a fiction fanatic), practice yoga, going to/participating in art shows with my friends, or get sucked into a blackhole of Pinterest DIYs for houses I don’t own. When I am more intentional about my free time I will hike or host healing circles for the QTPOC local homies. I have also been trying to learn how to garden, I have a huge yard that looks like a jungle so trying to do something with that this year and not let the cats kill all the house plants again.

What brought you to SOWA?
I have worked in direct service for years and love showing up and being in community. I have also worked on and off as an artist the last several years and both bring me great joy. Always being very grounded in my grassroots and social justice ways, I felt I needed to do the thing I never thought I would do; work within the system to try to “change” the system. I felt as much as I have pushed my community and the young people I interact with to do the work and show up in spaces, I felt like I needed to create a seat for myself at the table as well. So here I am with my folding chair making it happen trying to push for a larger systematic change for King County communities. The thing I promised myself in this transition was that I could only do it if I felt I had an organization that kept me safe (mentally, spiritually, emotionally), a space that was pushing itself to lean into conversations around race, equity, and inclusion; and that could be home in all the best ways.

Tell us one thing you are proud of.
Two things I am proud of are my willingness to rebel with consent while questioning the “why” behind processes and the fact that I have all 6 LOTR and Hobbit movies memorized.

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