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Love, Fear and Other Reasons For Math and Science Afterschool

by Behnosh Najafi | | Posted under Workshops & Training

by Jessie Rymph, Web Communications and Database Specialist

On Friday, we’re offering a workshop to help you provide fun science and math activities afterschool. As someone who avoided science and math like… a negative ion avoids a positive ion (is that right?)… I understand if you might be hesitant. Read the list of reasons and emotions to teach science and math, and choose whichever ones appeal to you. This is not how I suggest you motivate the youth, but how you motivate yourself.

Friday, April 6, 2012  9:00AM to 2:00PM

Science and Math Activities That Put the Fun Factor in Learning

Learn more.   Click here to register now
Registration is required. This event costs $40.
Located at School’s Out Washington in Seattle.

FEAR: The National Security Administration recently stated that we don’t have enough students in the pipeline to compete with other countries in the future. In other words, their spies are going to out-spy us. Behind every suave James Bond-type are a heck-uva lot of mathematics code-breakers and gadget guys. Let’s make sure we have enough of those guys (and gals) on our side.

NATIONAL PRIDE: (see FEAR) You also love your country and are saddened by how poorly our kids are performing compared to other countries. It’s bad.

COMPETITION: (see FEAR, FIT IN) In the 60s, we were trying to get to the moon before the Soviets. As a country our goals and enemies are more vague now, so it’s up to you to come up with who you would be competing against. But I know you can kick their butt.

FITTING IN: Have you heard of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)? Omg, you haven’t heard about STEM? It’s, like, what everyone in the afterschool world is talking about. You should totally start offering STEM in your program, and you’ll look really cutting edge. There’s also a lot of funding out there, so you might be better poised for grants!

MONEY: You want these kids to grow up and not have to worry about money. If you spark an interest in science and math for them, they are more likely to continue on college and a higher paying job.

LOVE: (see MONEY) You want what’s best for the youth in your program. You want them to explore learning for the pure love it. You would love to open their eyes to new ways of seeing the world, to explorations and questions and excitement and joy!

CHALLENGE: Make science and math fun for K-8? Get them to enjoy it afterschool? That sounds tough, but you can do it. Challenge yourself.

Whatever your motivations are, the kids will be interested if it’s fun.  Please join us for Friday’s workshop!

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