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Let's meet Shirley Lu

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SOWA's newest employee is Shirley Lu. As our Registry Specialist, she will be the main manager of the upcoming Youth Program Registry. (More information on that coming when it launches!) For now, let's get to know the latest member of SOWA's excellent team!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Seattle but moved to Ohio for four years to attend Kenyon College. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, I moved to a city called Hefei in China to teach English at a public high school for a year. I thought about going abroad to another country again after the end of my last contract but decided to return and stay in Seattle for an indefinite amount of time.

What do you like to do in your own time?

On a day-to-day basis, I’m pretty lazy and I’m probably watching TV or catching up on sleep after work. I recently got a gym membership so I try to go as often as I can. When it’s warm out, I like to take long walks around the city. My daily life is mundane but on the other hand, I love to travel and when I do, I’m constantly on the move, waking up early, and staying up late. I don’t travel as often as I’d like but I’m always thinking about my next vacation!

What brought you to SOWA?

Initially, SOWA attracted me as a non-profit organization geared towards youth development but it has become so much more to me. I love that SOWA is mission-driven and an active and engaging community. I love our focus on racial equity, not just externally but internally within our staff as well. We really put our hearts into everything that we do. I love the people I work with and that we can have fun while getting our jobs done. I couldn’t have imagined a better career choice for myself or being happier anywhere else.

Tell us one thing you are proud of.

I went to a small, private, liberal arts college with (at the time) seven international/national fraternities and three local sororities. A group of girls and I got together and created a fourth local sorority with the intention of it becoming national. It was a lot of work, there was a lot of backlash, and we didn’t think we would become national by the time we graduated because the process takes so long, but we did it! I’m not only proud of the success of the sorority itself, but everything I did for that group is a big part of who I am today. I learned a lot about being a leader and what it means to invest myself into a project I really care about.

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