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Let's Meet Long-Time Coach (and new staff member) April Miller!

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Usually, when we do one of these new staff blogs, it's for someone new to the SOWA community. This time, though, we have someone who's worked for us for so long that if her work with us was a child, it would now be old enough to vote. April Miller has been a contract coach and trainer for us since 1998, but just recently we brought her in as a full time employee. April should be no stranger to many of you, but for the rest, let's take a moment to hear what makes her tick!

Where are you from

I spent my childhood here in Seattle.  I remember playing with neighborhood kids inventing games, building forts, and making, mischief of one kind or another until the street lights came on at night that signaled it was time to go home.  Not much has changed. I am still here in Seattle.  I still like to play games, camp in tents, and make mischief of one kind or another!

What do you like to do in your own time?

I love spending time with my family having dance parties, shooting hoops, reading stories silently all in the same room, singing together, talking around the dinner table, and making faces on snapchat. I love spending time with my friends sharing stories, laughing, crying, and engaging in meaningful dialogue. 

My Great Great Grandfather told my Grandmother when she was a child; and my Grandmother shared his words with me “Whatever you do, wherever you go, or whoever you’re with, you’re making memories.”  I love making memories.

What brought you to SOWA?

I received coaching from SOWA when I started my career as a youth care professional.  In 1997, I was a part of the Trainer Apprentice Program with SOWA and discovered my passion in coaching and training adults.  In 1998 Teachable Moments was born and I began working as an independent contractor with SOWA as an on-site trainer. Over the last 18 years I have shared a common vision and values with SOWA. 

Tell us one thing you are proud of?

It brings me great joy to be a coach.  When I am able to make a connection, create a safe space for an individual to be vulnerable to express their challenges, partner with them as they embrace opportunity, provide inquiry when they are stuck, and encourage them as they move forward in action. There action brings about improved experiences for the youth that they serve. 

 I am sparked by the creative and capable people I coach.  In turn, it is my hope that I am able to be a spark for them as they spark passion, possibility, and hope in our youth.

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