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Is your community ready to prevent summer learning loss?

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With summer around the corner, now is the time for communities to raise awareness around the importance of summer and promote quality programs for young people to keep them engaged and learning during the summer months.  Take a moment to check out the information and resources provided by the National Summer Learning Association in the article below.

And stay tuned for more from School’s Out Washington including a media toolkit to support your community in reaching out to local media on summer learning and to support efforts to host elected officials for a site visit at your program this summer!

Summer is just around the corner! Is your community ready to prevent summer learning loss?

By Nancy Levesque, National Summer Learning Association

Research shows that young people learn less or even lose what they’ve previously learned if they don’t have stimulating experiences during the summer. Many also need, but don’t receive federally-subsidized meals for nutrition and structured opportunities for healthy exercise 12 months a year.

Without stimulating activities during the summer, students can lose two months of what they learned in math during the school year, while low-income students lose more than two months of reading skills.

Research also demonstrates that young people’s tendency toward obesity is aggravated during the summer. Students from working families who are often in relatively unsafe situations between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. during the school year are likely in those situations all day during the summer.

No matter what we do to support young people’s education, health, and safety during the school year, all of those efforts are undercut when we don’t address summer challenges. The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) connects and equips schools, providers, communities, and families to deliver high-quality summer learning opportunities. NSLA leads events, and disseminates resources that can help your community build awareness, while supporting the creation and sustainability of high-quality summer learning opportunities for your youth.

Summer Learning Events:

Summer Learning Day
Communities all across the country will celebrate Summer Learning Day on Friday, June 20. Summer Learning Day is a grassroots movement to spread awareness among parents, the public, and policymakers about the issue of summer learning loss for children. Hundreds of events will take place across the country, celebrating local programs and providing a platform for policy advocacy.

Summer Changes Everything™ national conference on summer learning
At this year’s conference in San Antonio, Texas, NSLA will focus on the theme of Accelerating Achievement. Presenters and participants will examine how summer is an accelerator for education priorities such as 3rd grade reading proficiency, college and readiness, school transitions, English language acquisition, STEM education, and more. Register by April 30 and save $100!

Summer Learning Online Resources:

New Vision for Summer School

Community Initiatives

Program Quality Assessment

Summer Learning Research-in-Briefs

The Achievement Gap Infographic

Healthy Summers for Kids:  Turning Risk into Opportunity

Summer Starts In September:  Summer Program Planning Guide

Moving Summer Learning Forward:  A Strategic Roadmap for Funding in Tough Times

Innovative Pathways to Teaching Reform: Using Connected Learning to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders

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