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Introducing Nicholas Bradford!

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Today we interviewed Nicholas Bradford, our new intern in Education Policy from the UW College of Education.

Where are you from?

Migrant area of central California, rural Western Washington, most of western Europe, Kuwait, Iraq, S. Korea, The Evergreen State College, Montreal for four years, Vermont for two years, Mexico, now back to the Seattle area and the University of Washington.  My travels have helped to inform my perspective.

Who are you?

I am an Educator in the broadest sense of the word.  I am a progressive, both in politics and education.  That means people should have more say over what happens to them and what and how they learn.  I am a sailor.  I live on a boat, and have spent more than a decade with the US Coast Guard.  I am a Facilitator, both in mediation and Restorative Justice.  Facilitator means to make things easy; I enjoy those difficult conversations and try to help people have those conversations.

What are you doing here?

I am the “Intern.”  In my official role I will be supporting the state wide Expanded Learning Opportunity (E.L.O.) policy development.  Go TEAM!!

In other capacities I will be working with SOWA to support the development of a Restorative Justice pilot program for Seattle Public Schools.

Tell us about previous work you’ve done on behalf of children.

I have worked in many different educational capacities from managing special education services to ropes course facilitation.  I facilitated a weekly restorative circle with young men returning from prison, which was an amazing experience.  I hiked the Long Trail in Vermont with youth for a week as part of an afterschool/summer program, which was as transformational for myself as the youth.

Transformative experiences largely come from transformative relationships.  Afterschool and youth development (AYD) programs at their best create environments that foster healthy relationships.

Conflict.  Conflict is an essential part of human interactions.  It is my understanding that the more we teach youth to avoid conflict, the more atrophied their conflict resolution skills become.  My work with mediation, policy, and Restorative Justice are all opportunities to learn more about conflict and resolution.  In the near future I will write a book

Is this the only thing you’re interested in?

No, I love all kinds of activities.  I play rugby and do CrossFit.  I love being physically active.  I sail and hike, because being outside is important to me, keeps me grounded (even if I’m on the water).  Family is important to me.  I moved back in part to be closer to my parents.  Recently I’ve been helping my dad build a house.  My brother lives in Germany, so there is some traveling to Europe, which is great!

Uncle Nicholas in Germany

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