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It’s not too late to register for School’s Out Washington’s upcoming workshop What Common Core Means for Afterschool and Youth Development.  School’s Out Washington’s Janet Schmidt was interviewed for a news story aired on this topic this past Monday.  She explains why afterschool and youth development programs play a role in supporting student’s academic success and alignment with implementation of common core state standards.

“They [afterschool and youth development programs] have that space, that time, to really dig in and experience things hands-on in a new way than what a classroom teacher has during the school day, with the constraints of the schedules that they have.”

Read the full story and check-out the workshop tomorrow. Would you like a similar workshop in your community? Contact Emily Emerson, School’s Out Washington’s Statewide Training Manager, at eemerson@schoolsoutwashington.org to let her know training needs in your region.


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