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Check out this news story through the Public News Service highlighting a family engagement event in Yakima with a focus on helping the predominantly Spanish-speaking community understand the Common Core State Standards.

WA Schools Help Parents Grasp Common Core Changes

Chris Thomas, Public News Service-WA

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You can also view this news story in Spanish

(05/02/14) YAKIMA, Wash. – Making the Common Core standards for K-through-12 education work in Washington means getting parents familiar with them, not just students and teachers. So, schools and volunteers are collaborating to reach out – particularly to parents in the Latino community.

At workshops such as the one held this week at McKinley Elementary in Yakima, parents got a first look at what’s expected of their students with Common Core. Micaela Razo, a field organizer with League of Education Voters, says the Yakima parents were enthusiastic and said they like having consistent standards for learning.

“A lot of these parents that we’re talking to are migrant workers, so they travel from state to state with their student,” Razo explains. “So, for them to really understand that this is not just a local thing but a national thing that’s happening, is really important for them.”

Washington adopted the Common Core standards in 2011, and next year will be the first that they are fully implemented. Razo says the parents had a lot of questions about what’s different about Common Core teaching methods, which focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills as they learn.

“Instead of just, ‘This is the problem,’ how did that problem happen?’” she explains. “It really gets that child to think and explore, and be able to say, ‘Wow, this is the way this problem is – but I can also do it this way.'” More than 100 parents attended the Yakima workshop. Razo says the League of Education Voters and School’s Out Washington are helping with similar events across the state.

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