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Hug Your Children

by Behnosh Najafi | | Posted under Opinions

You have probably heard of the horrific school shooting that happened in Connecticut today. If not…read here.

UPDATE: Talking to Children about Shooting by the National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network is the best resource we’ve found for this specific tragedy.

Here’s an e-mail a friend forwarded to me from the Mukilteo School District:

“As we try to comprehend today’s news, it’s important that we help our children feel safe. Here are a few suggestions that you might consider:

Here’s a collection of resources for helping children and youth deal with tragedy from the South Central Library of Madison, Wisconsin:

Handouts by the National Association of School Psychologists, sent to us by the Principal of Seattle’s Pathfinder K-8:

Resources sent to us from the City of Seattle:

And remember that as someone who works with youth or supports people who do, you are working every day to prevent further tragedies, even though today that might not feel like enough.

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