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How You Can Take Action During the Legislative Session

by Jon Sayer | | Posted under Policy & Legislation

The 2017 legislative session has started, and SOWA and our partners are going to be right there in the fray, advocating for the interests of children, youth, and the afterschool and summer programs that serve them.

With all this going on, Washington's children and youth need passionate advocates to stand up for their interests in Olympia, including providers, parents, and you! We all have to do our part to make sure policymakers remember: Quality Expanded Learning Programs Make a Difference!

We've got three simple steps for expanded learning advocates like you to raise your voice.  

Step 1: Sign Up for Our Action Alerts

We closely monitor issues facing the expanded learning field at the federal, state, and local levels. Whenever there's a new bill or an upcoming vote, or any way that you can show policymakers that summer and afterschool matter, we'll send you an email!

Our convenient system helps you find your elected representative and take action on these important issues in five minutes or less.

Sign up now

Step 2: Tell Elected Leaders that Expanded Learning Matters

Representatives, senators, the governor, and other elected leaders are in their positions because we the people elected them, and that means they do care about what we think. They don't know what's important to us unless we tell them, either by letter, email, or even a tweet.

Here's one issue you can take action on right now: A key priority facing expanded learning advocates in Washington this session is an investment in the Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiative. Our proposal will build on this initiative, increasing the investment to $4m, which would allow the initiative to expand to 260 programs, impacting more that 10,000 children and youth.

Our convenient form will not only tell you who your state representatives and senator are, it will also give you a pre-written message with all the key information right at your fingertips that you can edit, personalize, and send before you even finish your morning coffee.

Take Action Now

Step 3: Spread the Word on Social Media

It takes people power to make a difference, and social media is the best way to spread the word. Expound the power of afterschool and summer learning on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #ExpandLearningWA to make sure your efforts work in concert with other advocates across the state. You can also use the short link http://bit.ly/2i74cA6 to promote the Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiative without using up all your 140 characters!

Sample Tweets (all under 140 characters!):

Sample Facebook posts (with a bit more detail):

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