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Happy Summer (Learning Day)!

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Today is Summer Learning Day! Are you doing anything to celebrate Summer Learning Day in your program? Though today is the official day, you can celebrate anytime throughout the summer. Be sure to register your event on the National Summer Learning Association’s Summer Learning Day Map.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your program to parents, teachers, school principals or superintendents and other community leaders.

More and more research points to the academic, social/emotional and health benefits of summer learning programs in supporting young people and helping to close the growing achievement gap.  This national advocacy day helps spotlight the great things happening in summer programs to keep our young people learning and engaged throughout the summer months.


Summer meal sites are also opening now that schools across the state are letting out for vacation. Check out the Summer Meal Search Tool to locate free summer meal sites near you.

Policy Update on 21st Century Community Learning Centers

While we celebrate summer learning, we encourage you to learn about some recent happenings at the federal level that could have a profound impact of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative which supports summer learning in addition to before-school and afterschool programming.

Last Thursday the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a bill to fund the 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative. While we’re thrilled that the committee didn’t cut 21st CCLC funding levels, the bill includes language that would change federal afterschool policy and divert these dollars from afterschool and summer learning programs. If this bill is passed, communities will lose their afterschool and summer learning programs, and many more children will be unsupervised and at risk while their parents are at work.

Helpful Links

The Afterschool Alliance also has more background information to help you stay well informed on federal policy issues.

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