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Happy Lights On Afterschool Day!

by Danielle Baer | | Posted under Afterschool and Summer News, Policy & Legislation, School's Out News

TODAY is Lights On Afterschool Day!  Thank you to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee for declaring October 26, 2017 Lights On Afterschool Day in Washington State.  Governor Inslee, along with many other community leaders, afterschool providers, families, and young people are acknowledging and celebrating the importance of afterschool programs today in keeping kids safe, inspiring them to learn, and helping working families.

Take a moment to read Governor Inslee’s proclamation which highlights the many benefits of afterschool programs in the lives of Washington’s children and youth.

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As you're celebrating, join thousands across the country for the "My Lights On Afterschool" challenge and connect on social media under the hashtag #LightsOnAfterschool. Be sure to add this year's Lights On Afterschool Facebook frame to your profile photo!

The celebration doesn’t end today: send photos of your event to loa@afterschoolalliance.org to be entered in a drawing for three NBA Math Hoops registrations from Learn Fresh.

Here’s how the ESD 112 in Vancouver is celebrating Lights On Afterschool today, and why afterschool programs are so critical in their community to support academic success of students, and building key social emotional learning skills. 

Below is an an excerpt, or you can read the full story

“Shannel Clouse is the services coordinator for school programs with the Vancouver Educational School District. She said these programs partner with the schools to help expand learning opportunities.

"We'll do a lot of activities - for example, doing cooking projects or building something, and then talking to the kids about why it's important, or about what they learned in that process,” Clouse said. "You know, just doing things to get them thinking about the things that they are doing in our program."

She said Vancouver programs will celebrate Lights On Afterschool Day with arts and crafts activities, and by speaking with local elected officials about the importance of expanded learning”

Lights On Afterschool launched in October 2000, and is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs, organized at the national level by the Afterschool Alliance.

If you did not have a chance to celebrate Lights On Afterschool today, it’s not too late.  You can still take time over the next few days to showcase the many ways your afterschool program supports students’ healthy development and success to parents, community members, funders and policy makers.  Visit the Afterschool Alliance’s website for resources and tools to plan an event, reach out to policymakers, and the media. 

If you’re a Washington State program, we’d love to hear how you celebrated Lights On Afterschool?  Please contact Danielle Baer at dbaer@schoolsoutwashington.org to share your Lights On Afterschool story!

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