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Give a Shout Out at Bridge This October!

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What is a Shout Out?

Looking for a great way to give someone you work with much deserved recognition? School’s Out Washington is starting a new tradition at the Bridge Conference this year, and it’s a chance for you to pay tribute to someone you know who works to improve the lives of young people.

You can give a Shout Out to anyone— whether they work directly with young people, manage a problem, raise the funds or anything else that helps young people and the communities they live in.

How do I submit my Shout Out nomination?

Submit an online short (600 characters or less) tribute about your deserving nominee.  The easy, online format will only take a few minutes of your time to acknowledge someone that goes above and beyond to make a difference and huge impact on young people.

Here’s a sample Shout Out:

Leah is an amazing program director. While her job involves a lot of outside meetings and working with partners and budgets and all that, she never lets that stuff take away from building positive connections with the kids. Whether she’s chatting with a young person about the project they are working on, helping someone connect with services they really need or just participating in karaoke night in the program, she always brings such warm and caring energy to everyone, and we love her!

When will the Shout Outs be Announced?

During the Bridge conference, your Shout Out will be read aloud to the entire audience.  Your colleague will receive the public recognition they deserve!

Have questions about the Shout Out, contact Shannon Robinson, Bridge Conference Coordinator. And don’t forget to check out the Bridge Conference website. Our conference schedule is live! Read about all the great sessions offered this year.

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