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Feed Your Brain Program Highlight: Wahluke Jr. High in Mattawa

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Waluke Jr. High Feed Your Brain kids

Beneficiaries of the Feed Your Brain program

Wahluke Jr. High is one of 10 summer programs funded through the Feed Your Brain project providing grants to rural communities to curb learning loss and fight hunger during the summer months. 

In this article, we hear from Michelle McEver, a teacher leading the summer program at Wahluke Jr. High.

As teachers we have created situations in which we read for pleasure in the class. One person leads the lesson as the other literally sits and reads a novel. While slightly awkward, we then have an open dialogue regarding the book and why it is interesting exposing the students to a unique conversation.

Evidence of the approach being successful resulted today on our visit to the public library. A student came up and asked me to help her choose a book because she had read all the books she knew were interesting. I found two books and had her read the back.  She liked both books but chose one saving the other for a future visit to the library.

The students selected another gift book today, from the Page Ahead collection. They are so thankful and excited about the books they receive each week. The students have written two letters in the past week, including one to a fish hatchery that we visited on a field trip.

We also have made a change to our bicycle program based on feedback from a literacy coach. We have two students help take the bicycles outside. The same two return the bicycles to the room. The non- riders use this time to read silently in the shade. The kids are gaining confidence both in reading and bicycle riding. The Grant County police department has arranged to provide a helmet for each of the 30 students.

Our program has grown to the maximum thirty kids! We are reading, writing, playing math games, cycling and going on field trips. It is so much fun and the kids have a great attitude.

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