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Civics Learning in the Spotlight

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By Sukhjit Dhaliwal, Expanded Learning Opportunities Vista

With our nation’s shifting political and social climate, the lack of civics learning opportunities for young people is becoming a pressing issue. In Washington State, leaders, organizations, and the community recognize the importance of civics education, and are pushing for more of it, both in and out of school. The time is now!

Civics education plays an integral role in determining whether our youth will engage actively and meaningfully in our communities. Expanded learning opportunities by their design have the flexibility, support, and resources to promote civics learning by incorporating volunteering, project-based learning, service learning, and internship opportunities.

Last month, a broad sector of organizations committed to advancing civics education convened as part of The Council on Public Legal Education’s Civic Learning Summit. The event was part of the Civic Learning Initiative, which aims to address  gaps in civics learning, while strategizing ways the state can be more effective in providing meaningful civics learning for all of Washington’s youth. School’s Out Washington is one of many sponsoring organizations of the initiative.

The summit showcased the countless ways to engage youth in civics learning, including highlighting robust youth leadership and engagement opportunities such as the YMCA Youth & Government, 4-H Know Your Government, and Teens for Tukwila.  Check out this news story where we hear more from the YMCA programs on how they promote civics learning for youth.

Expanded learning opportunities sharing about their civics learning engagement opportunities for youth in their programs. 

Also as part of the summit, there was a panel discussion which included many influential leaders speaking to the importance of civics education and how it can be strengthened in our state for students of all ages.  David Beard, SOWA’s Policy and Advocacy Director, spoke on the panel to the critical role of expanded learning opportunities in providing civics education.  

That is not all! CEO of Citizen University, Eric Lui engaged in a conversation with Guest of Honor, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. She spoke about her powerful and inspirational experiences that led to becoming an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Be sure to check out our latest issue brief on this critical topic to learn more about the role of expanded learning opportunities in supporting and promoting civics learning.  And, check out this news story on civics learning in Washington, and the work of the YMCA of Greater Seattle and YMCA Youth and Government program which help promote civics education in expanded learning programs.



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