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Celebrate the 14th Lights on Afterschool on October 17

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Lights On Afterschool is right around the corner on Thursday October 17. Have you started planning your event yet?  As students settle into their school year routine, Lights On Afterschool is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of your afterschool program in supporting children and youth in your community.  The Afterschool  Alliance has plenty of tools and resources to help you plan including an upcoming webinar on engaging media.  Lights On Afterschool: Tips for Getting Media Coverage will happen on October 2, from 1-1:30 EDT, you can register here.

Here in Washington State we’re hoping to put ourselves on the map and register as many events as possible. If you’re planning an event, please register so folks can see nationwide the great work we’re doing in our state to raise awareness and showcase our afterschool programs.

One tip to make the event manageable is to choose a theme.  Showcasing something special or new to your program and organizing around that theme can help create a more focused event.  For example, STEM or nutrition/health activities.  This is a great opportunity to engage families and celebrate the young people in your program as well as involving schools and partnering with the school principal, teachers and staff in coordinating your event. In addition to the Afterschool Alliance’s event planning guide, check out School’s Out Washington’s public will building toolkit for some additional resources and help with planning an event and supporting afterschool programs.    

Check-out this year’s winning Lights On Afterschool poster, drawn by 10-year-old Rosanie Cazeau of Children of Promise NYC in Brooklyn, NY!  This poster design is a great representation of all the things that kids love most about their afterschool programs.Image


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