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Catching Up with the Afterschool Matters Fellowship

by School's Out Washington | | Posted under STEM

by Mercedes Elizalde, Afterschool Provider

This was the longest meeting time we have had so far this session.  We met from 9am-3pm and had a chance to work with each other in writing groups from10-1, where some great deep conversations about the research projects occurred. The fellows had a great time during the break out sessions.

When the fellows came back together for the final hours of the meeting we practiced a couple of energizing strategies.  Everyone was asked to breathe through their nose while covering one nostril, switching from left to right.  It gave everyone a great laugh!  Just the energy we needed.

There was a meaningful conversation that came up during our session. We began discussing the deeper meaning in our research and how it can potentially impact other people working with youth.  We began analyzing who our audiences might be, what are the deeper implications of this work and the research around it, how can we possibly write something that will not just be impactful to our individual work and organizations but also be accessible and supportive of all youth work.

This session gave everyone some new energy as we began to move forward to collecting real data and looking forward to the next sessions when we will begin to analyze that data and make those connections and answer the questions we have begun asking about our research.

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