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Boeing to Support STEM Learning at National Conference

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Dare to Disrupt!

Wondering how you can bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics education into your community? Wonder no more. As part of Boeing’s centennial celebration, Boeing has launched 100 Days of Learning—an educational initiative designed to inspire the next generation of innovators to explore the wide world of STEM and beyond. With materials that are perfect for teachers, parents, and mentors, as well as STEM learning sessions at the upcoming National Conference on Afterschool and Summer Learning, you will be more than prepared to inspire children in your community to explore all that the world of STEM has to offer.

sticker_v1_CMYKAs part of Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning, Boeing engineers have teamed up with educational experts like PBS LearningMedia, Teaching Channel, Iridescent’s Curiosity Machine and Above and Beyond to develop real-world STEM-oriented materials. The resources are designed to support teachers, parents, and mentors and provide them with hands-on activities, lesson plans and videos to cultivate curiosity and engage students in critical thinking and problem solving. Be sure to check out these materials, available for free through Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning webpage, and through partner channels.

Many of the design challenges, interactive activities, and videos are great for afterschool programs and encourage teamwork and creative thinking. These activities work well with groups and help students learn through exploration and play—so it doesn’t feel like more work! If you’re looking for inspiration or a way to get started, Curiosity Machine has some fantastic videos on their YouTube channel that show how to complete their design challenges; and PBS LearningMedia has educational videos and interactive activities on their website that let students dive into the history of aerospace and flight.

While you’re at the Conference, don’t forget to check out some of these great sessions on other ways to integrate STEM education into your organizations. Whether you’re on a budget or grappling with STEM concepts as someone from an outside field, these sessions along with the 100 Days of Learning materials will arm you with the skills and materials you need to encourage and inspire the STEM innovators of tomorrow.

The Hard and Soft of STEM: Imagine It! Create It!

Brent Cummings, Andrew Sayers, William Hammond, and Martin Fortney, Walla Walla Public Schools

Abstract: Dynamically engage all youth by appealing to their innate curiosity and innovative tendencies. Session presenters will model and actively engage attendees in a highly effective, student-centered learning methodology through hands-on activities utilizing 3D Printing, Drones, Pyrotechnics (sort of), and more!

Our Notes: Brent Cummings and his crew of STEM-crazed Walla Wallans have presented at SOWA’s annual Bridge Conference before, including this session on drones and quadcopters in 2014. Expect to be making something with your hands (or if the abstract is to be believed, maybe blowing something up).

Time: Tuesday, Oct 25, 10:15 AM.

But I’m Not a Scientist!

Kathryn Eckert, Librarian, Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL
Bryan Wunar, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL

Abstract: STEAM concepts are all around, but if you’re not a STEAM expert, they may be challenging to add to your program. In this session, a librarian and a science educator explore ways to integrate STEAM into any program, from staff engagement to design challenges. No previous STEAM experience necessary!

Our Notes: There are opportunities to include relevant STEM lessons in many fields. For example, understanding why different colors of light combine to make new ones is relevant to a theater program. We hope this session brings in people who might not realize the potential their programs have to work outside the box.

Time: Tuesday, Oct 25, 3:00 PM

STEM on a Budget: Leveraging University and Community Partnerships

Zach Pekor, Project Director, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD

Abstract: By effectively utilizing, local institutions of higher education and community based non-profit organizations, program staff, administrators, and students can engage in meaningful STEM experiences.

Our Notes: We’ve seen what partnerships with universities can do for afterschool and summer programs (like this one in Mt Vernon). Especially for STEM, this isn’t something to ignore.

Time: Tuesday, Oct 25,  3:00 PM

Dare to Succeed in Math – Disrupting the Negative Views

Mary Curry, Math Enthusiast, MANGO Math Group, Snohomish, WA

Abstract: Math is the single strongest indicator in academic and financial success. Math is the root to success in the sciences, in reading and in social skills. Learn how to help students succeed in math with fun creative problem solving games that help build math confidence.

Our Notes: No other subject as important as mathematics gets such a bad rap. We hope this session can dispel myths and show us how to communicate math’s importance to the children who need it most.

Time: Tuesday, Oct 25, 1:15 PM

Summer STEM PD: Bridging NGSS and SEL to Prepare Staff to Work with Youth

Ann Durham and Sarah Summers, Providence After School Alliance, Providence, RI

Abstract: In this interactive session, participants will explore effective approaches to summer STEM professional development, with a particular focus on how to approach the Next Generation Science Standards from a youth development and social-emotional development lens to inform training and practice.

Time: Tuesday, Oct 25, 10:15 AM

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Thanks to The Boeing Company for their generous sponsorship to support STEM learning at the National Conference on Afterschool & Summer Learning.

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