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A Conversation on Innate Curiousity and STEM

by Behnosh Najafi | | Posted under STEM

Seattle STEM Fellowship Meeting, 3 November 2012

by Pam Forbush, Co-Facilitator of the STEM Afterschool Matters Fellowship

[This article is 4th in a series on the STEM Afterschool Matters Fellowship, an intensive research project for afterschool providers and school teachers.]

Our fourth meeting together was full of brainstorming, learning more about each other’s research questions and delving into our own.   We also shared our observation experiences and discussed what types of data collection would be the most useful to us at our work sites.   And as we began our reading and writing, a fellow shared these two quotes with us:

We each wrote our “big” question that we are passionate about and plan to use for our action research,  on a sheet of paper. We passed these  clock-wise around the table, and each person commented or added a resource or question to our paper. Eventually we got our paper back with others’ ideas added. When we got these questions and responses back, we spent a short time writing reflectively, then shared one sentence from the reflection. We found a lot of connections!

Our big conversation today was how do we tap into the innate curiosity of our youth in STEM related topics and honor that curiosity and those questions and interests in planning of the classwork and the activities that we do with them, especially with our struggling youth?   Here is part of our conversational highlights.

And as usual we ended our day writing about what we will accomplish in the next two week and we will know if we met our objectives.  Writing a second analytical essay, practicing observational techniques and collecting other data relevant to our research, and of course being reflective about our practice.

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