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55,000 Reasons to GiveBIG to SOWA

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Why should your GiveBIG donation go to School’s Out Washington? Well…


In 2015, SOWA trained 1,567 adults…


…from 580 youth-serving organizations across Washington State…



…in more than 441 hours of trainings!



We engaged 457 afterschool and summer programs in our Youth Program Quality Initiative…



…and provided $536,000 to schools that serve refugee youth and summer learning programs.



All told, our work impacted the lives of

more than 55,000 kids

in Washington State

(Only 5 of the cutest shown)


That’s our impact.

You can make it bigger!


Pledge Your Gift

For the last 5 years, the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event has celebrated non-profits and the work they do by engaging donors around the region, raising more than $56 million. Each gift made to SOWA from now to May 3rd give us a share of the GiveBIG Stretch Pool, expanding the impact of your donation!

Make your pledge to School’s Out Washington today!

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