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2019 Bridge Speaker Spotlight — Healing Our Whole SELves

by Clara Rosebrock | | Posted under Afterschool and Summer News, Bridge Conference, School's Out News, Workshops & Training

This year’s theme Looking Back, Facing Forward asks us to breathe.

To take a moment, breathe, and reflect on the stories that build our whole selves.

How can we can heal and transform past traumas? And restore the voice of our communities? How can we intentionally step aside and allow our youth to weave whole new paths forward?

This theme grounds us in our social and emotional learning practices. Which is why we are especially excited to highlight two of our amazing SEL sessions — Saroeum Phoung’s Peacemaking for Personal & Leadership Development and Marisa Garcia & Amy Cordier’s Raise Their Voices!

Step back, look inward, and read more from these inspiring individuals below!


Peacemaking for Personal & Leadership Development from Saroeum Phoung, M.A., masterful circle keeper, teacher and inspirational leader.

The workshop will be presented in a circle format focusing on healing, trauma, personal development, and leadership. Young people's cultures and intersectional identities will be affirmed as a talking piece in addition to other Peacemaking Circle components and OneNorth Peacemaking® leadership framework and models will be shared as part of the workshop to empower participants to share their voices.

Read Saroeum Phoung’s full biography here.

Saroeum Phoung has many years of experience leading Peacemaking Circle Process to provide healing and transformation for individuals and communities dealing with the challenges of violence, racism and inequity that are present in many of our communities. Saroeum is experienced in leadership development and system change work. He leads innovative processes for transformation and sustainable change by working in partnership with native country, government agencies, school districts, non-profit organizations, corporate business, various individuals, institutions, and communities to bring about change in a good way.


Raise Their Voices: Giving Young People a Say to Promote SEL and Community-building from Marisa Garcia and Amy Cordier from Committee for Children.


Out-of-school time educators can and do empower young people to be confident contributors and change-makers both in their OST community and beyond. In this session, participants will discuss how OST educators can help young people build an inclusive community within an OST program. We will also discuss how embracing young people’s voices supports their social-emotional development. Participants will identify their current practices, learn about and try new low-barrier strategies, and discover how to implement these practices in their own setting.

Read the full bios here for Marisa Garcia and Amy Cordier.

Marisa Garcia and Amy Cordier both currently serve on Committee for Children’s Out-of-School Time (OST) team within the Second Step family of programs. They are working with professionals in the expanded learning opportunity field to create programs that foster positive relationships, cultivate safe and supportive environments, and teach self-regulation and social skills in developmentally and culturally-appropriate ways.

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