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2019 Bridge Speaker Spotlight — Centering on Culture

by Clara Rosebrock | | Posted under Afterschool and Summer News, Bridge Conference, School's Out News, Workshops & Training

As we get ready for 2019 Bridge, we would like to circle our gaze back to our theme — Looking Back, Facing Forward.

How can we keep culturally responsive practices at the forefront?
How can we truly enliven our communities, and uplift the multiple identities of the youth we serve?

Our presenters are bringing their whole-selves to Bridge. We are excited to create space to learn, engage and reflect on our intersectional and intercultural identities. Check out two of these workshops below!

Cultural & Contextual Consideration when Working with Refugee, Immigrant, and Diverse Families from Andrew Kritovich, Clinical Consultant at the Ukrainian Community Center of WA.

This session focuses on how we can best deliver services cross-culturally, working with refugees, immigrants and different cultural populations. We will discuss why culture matters and how it can create barriers in service delivery. This session hopes to motivate participants to be more culturally curious, while discussing how service providers can build an intercultural identity that unites staff around common goals while respecting and honoring the subcultural identity of children and their families. It is designed to increase cultural responsiveness while serving and interacting with children and their families from different cultural backgrounds. One of the goals is to heighten awareness of meeting social and emotional needs in culturally appropriate ways. The session will include interactive exercises that will help the audience to understand our own cultures, perspectives, biases, and beliefs so that the needs of individuals we serve can be met. We will emphasize the benefits of celebrating cultural differences in serving families from different cultural backgrounds.

Read the full bio here for Andrew Kritovich – and learn more about his 25+ years working with refugee communities and in mental health counseling.

Supporting Healthy Identity Development Through Culturally Responsive Practices from Jimena Quiroga Hopkins and Jennifer Brady from Development Without Limits

A healthy sense of identity helps young people with academic achievement, social an emotional development, ability to build friendships across differences, and prevents them from engaging in risky behaviors. Supports and culturally responsive practices to affirm young people’s sense of self are especially critical for youth of color, immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized populations. In this participatory workshop, participants will learn about research that emphasizes the importance of supporting the cultural identity development of youth. Participants will also gain concrete culturally responsive strategies to implement in their programs.

Read the full bios here for Jimena Quiroga Hopkins and Jennifer Brady to learn more about their leadership in education consulting for youth-serving organizations.

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