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2012 Youth and Family Summit in Tacoma

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The 2012 Youth and Family Summit on Saturday, April 28th in Tacoma will bring youth, families and community together to support youth success in school.  The Summit will feature two tracks, one for students and one for parents and guardians, with opportunities for participants to interact. The Summit is an effort to construct an inclusive program agenda that seeks to alter power relationships by engaging high school students and families throughout the planning process, mentoring students, and inviting parents to serve as co-presenters so their voices can shape the way schools undertake education.

Kickoff Speaker for Youth

The Summit Program Committee is excited to announce the opening keynote speaker for youth participants. Michael Benitez, Jr. is a social justice educator, speaker and activist-scholar, integrating hip hop pedagogy, academic inquiry and personal experience. His presentations provide critical and multicontextual frameworks for empowerment and education.

Outcomes for Youth

Informed by the previous efforts and recent feedback, the 2012 Summit’s youth programming track aims to facilitate educational success among participants through the following:

Outcomes for Parents

The parents/guardians focus continues the work of the 2011 Tacoma Public Schools Community Awareness for Student Achievement (CASA) project and the 2009 Race & Pedagogy Parents/Guardians Conference.  This focus realizes the mantra that parents are the first teachers of their children.

The 2012 Summit’s parents/guardians programming track aims to empower partnership between parents/guardians and schools to achieve the following:

  1. Gain new skills in navigating and negotiating the specific challenges of education systems. Become powerful educational advocates for ALL children,   including partnering with educators and policy-makers to embrace an overarching vision of student success.
  2. Understand how students are underserved due to race and/or economic hardship and how Tacoma’s student achievement lines up with state and national achievement.
  3. Develop personal, collective, and systemic strategies and accountability to remedy disproportionality, disparity, and structural inequalities.Build understanding of the existing gaps in opportunity, expectations, and achievement.  Develop the skills and sense of urgency to take action to close these gaps.
  4. Function as allies for one another across social groupings such as race and economics.
  5. Embrace a cradle to career belief that children will go to college or follow career paths beyond high school.  Promote the expectation of post-secondary learning in children.

We will create in this Summit a learning environment for parents/guardians and students where they can engage with educators both to imagine and recognize possibilities for success and work collaboratively to achieve them. In the face of difficult challenges in education we invite participants to “look at things as if they could be otherwise” with the confidence and means for inventing the future.

For more information contact: raceandpedagogy@pugetsound.edu or 253-879-2435.

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